Package Track and Trace


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by Gdex

Package information

Tracking Number: GAM001735974
Delivery Type: standard
Customer Order Creation: 10 Dec 2018
Courier Delivery Estimated Time: 13 Dec - 17 Dec 2018
13 Dec
13:47 Your parcel has been delivered! [Bukit Pasir]
10:07 Your parcel is being delivered by Gdex driver . [Bukit Pasir]
08:28 Your parcel has been inbounded at the logistics facility. [Bukit Pasir]
04:09 Your parcel has departed the logistics facility. [Petaling Jaya]
12 Dec
16:12 Your parcel has been picked up. [Bukit Mertajam]
15:49 Your parcel has departed the logistics facility. [Bukit Mertajam]
11 Dec
09:54 Your order has been packed and will be handed over to our logistics partner Gdex.